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BBC News – Tech Know: BBC Micros used in retro programming class

“Unforgiving interface”?! Acorn DFS. That’s the disk file system version, cassette tape was unforgiving! 

I love the clip from Micro Live – I remember the show all too well, I’d love the BBC put more of it up on iPlayer.

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The Most Fun a Grocery Store Ever Had: Super Mario Soda Display

Fabulous. Twenty years ago I was stacking boxes of cakes on pallets for Mr Kipling. Different size boxes had different layouts to be followed to best utilise the pallet space. Everybody else stacked the boxes up layer by layer, but my pallets usually resembled mountain ranges until I dropped the last few boxes into place. The manager who came round every hour to record how many boxes had been packed gave up trying to count my pallets herself after a while.

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Can chance make you a killer?

Nice article explaining how difficult it is to decide whether the variance between results is down to pure chance or not, using hospital death rates as an example.

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Finished: A Spring Scarf — OxfordKitchenYarns

Liberty Map Fabric! How fab is that. I need some!

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Door Sixteen » Lily flower rain chain.

I’ve never heard of a rain chain before. What a great alternative to a boring drainpipe! Am trying to think where we could use something like this, we aren’t short on gutters that don’t work very well at our house.

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This looks simply amazing! Pity it’s all the way over in Japan, I’d love to visit it.

Make: Online : Simulated swimming pool with room inside

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Fancy a nice bottle of whisky?  A £10000 bottle of whisky? Be quick, only two in stock!

  • Distilled at Mortlach Distillery, Dufftown on 15th of October 1938
  • Bottled at Boroughbriggs Road, Elgin on 15th of October 2008
  • Patiently matured for 70 years in a 1st fill sherry hogshead

Malt Whisky Shop – Single Malts Direct Scotland

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Coloured macaroons on the cover of this month’s delicious magazine. I think this means that I have to try making some!

April issue on sale 4 March | delicious. Magazine food articles & advice

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These coloured macaroons are just totally fabulous!

not martha — My Vacation Slides: Paris Day 5, pastries and scoldings

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These are ace, I want one! And a copy of the Pandora’s Box game too… and if you happen to have some free time lying about then could you send that along as well? I don’t ask for much….

Wonderland: Professor Layton plushies

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