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This video explains the whole “how does lightning know to strike the tallest thing” conundrum much better than any amount of handwaving science.

Lightning captured at 7,207 images per second (by ztresearch)

(via What If? which admittedly has very good handwaving science.)

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“So exactly how do you take a 100-ton space shuttle and fly it on ferry hops across the country?” Fabulous video that explains it.

How NASA Moves Space Shuttles: A 747 Piggyback Ride | NASA Shuttle Retirement |

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My new favourite thing of the day! Can’t go wrong with Lego plus Olympics anyway but these are really well done!

Brick-by-brick | Sport | The Guardian

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Scratch | Project | running for life

This is what my super 7 year programmer daughter made today. I am mostly reduced to the “Can you find the music of God Save The Queen?” support role. For the rest of it I just point her in the right direction as to how to get things to work how she wants. The controls are a bit quirky (she couldn’t figure out jumping so you have to switch from right arrow to space bar to get past the hurdles) – the ideas are all hers. I love the medal ceremony with 4th place crying in the corner.

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Skintones notable for their distinct lack of black or white.


(via slipstream)

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Lucy’s Cycling Treasure Hunt (by SustransLibrary)

Love this, even though my initial attempts to find cycling routes on Google maps are a bit haphazard. The map shows the Transpennine  trail highlighted in bright green but the cycling directions loop you through all kinds of local roads rather than along the trail!

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(via angry chicken: white chocolate cardamom biscotti)

Great formula type recipe. I made some with almonds and dried apricots and they are great!

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not martha — Kit Kat Cheese

These would either be very good or very bad. I can’t quite decide. I’m sure the addition of Marmite would help though.

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Oh, Fransson!: Tokyo Subway Map: Finished

This is a fabulous idea for a quilt, it’s based on the Tokyo subway map

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Great chart showing the words people of different ages & sexes use to describe themselves on The “about me” on my profile is blank… 

I officially have no clue what any of the teenagers are talking about. No surprise really.

More details (and indeed more charts) on the blog.


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