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In knitting on January 11, 2005

completed buster

if you’re bored with baby knitting it’s not very likely to change in the near future. except that there is likely to be more baby and less knitting beginning in seven and a half weeks time, or thereabouts. that’s the idea anyways.



In knitting on January 10, 2005

close up of heart baby shoes

possibly the quickest thing i’ve ever knit. there are likely to be a fair few more knitting projects in this vein coming up…



In knitting on January 3, 2005

completed marshall

i finished another jumper for the baby:
marshall, and i now have two baby cardigans waiting for buttons to magically appear from nowhere and sew themselves on. i have also very nearly finished knitting myself a new stripy jacket but i can’t find the double ended zip i want to put in it in a shop anywhere offline or online.



In knitting on October 4, 2004

completed solo

the next wardrobe item for the future best dressed baby in yorkshire (or at least the one who will have the most hand knitted clothes!)


finished streamer and started something else…..

In knitting on September 13, 2004

completed streamer

even if you’re one of the three remaining citizens of the universe that my dad and darren’s mum haven’t yet told our news to you’ll probably still find it pretty easy to guess why i’ve started knitting baby jumpers! :-)

baby things are very quick to knit, if i’m not careful i’m going to end up knitting more tiny things than the baby will get to wear before he or she grows out of them. great fun knitting on this scale though.


toasty toes

In knitting on February 20, 2004

pretty purple socks - on my feet

i didn’t realise how quiet it was round here. as you can see, i’ve been busy knitting socks.


another knitted jacket

In knitting on January 23, 2004

completed firth jacket

finished at last. i’ve had enough of jackets for now. there are a billion more jacket patterns i’d like to knit but i’ve had it up to here with zips!

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