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London Under

London Under by Peter Ackroyd

In books read on June 30, 2015

This is an interesting book all about the goings on underneath London, delving into archeology, underground rivers, the Tube, sewers and all kinds of other subterranean bits and pieces. I remember hearing rumours (and probably spreading them too) of there being various secret tunnels connecting government buildings and other institutions when I was a student in London and this would have been great to read then (long before it was published however) which was why I snapped it up to read when I saw it in the bookshop. It took me ages to read it because every chapter sent me off to commune with a search engine and find out more using the things Ackroyd had just informed me about as the start of a search. Ultimately that's my only disappointment with the book - it's brief and a jumping off point for doing your own research, not a fully researched historical volume in itself.

This was a paperback.


“If you play Coup with me then I’ll make you a bagel for tea” “OK, I’ll make my own tea!” She did ok I think, I just want someone to play with! :/

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Viking Village IViking Village IIIViking Village II

Flickr Pics 22nd June 2015

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Castle Hill VA Certain Slant of LightRamsden ReservoirHope Bank Junior BandCastle Hill IICastle Hill VICastle Hill IVAbove Cinder HillsCastle Hill IIITowards Hope BankGateRamsden & Brownhill ReservoirsTo Castle HillMiranda & ZanGreenhead DucksFrom Wooldale Cliff RoadCastle Hill IRiding Wood ReservoirA Midsummer Night's Flames XVIA Midsummer Night's Flames VIA Midsummer Night's Flames VIIA Midsummer Night's Flames XIA Midsummer Night's Flames IIA Midsummer Night's Flames XIVA Midsummer Night's Flames VIIIA Midsummer Night's Flames XVIIA Midsummer Night's Flames IIIA Midsummer Night's Flames IA Midsummer Night's Flames XVIIIA Midsummer Night's Flames XIIA Midsummer Night's Flames XA Midsummer Night's Flames IVA Midsummer Night's Flames XIIIA Midsummer Night's Flames VA Midsummer Night's Flames IXA Midsummer Night's Flames XV

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A Midsummer Night’s Flames

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A God in Ruins

A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

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Where to start? This is a sort-of follow up to Life After Life in which Ursula Todd kept going back through bits of her life until she got it "right". Which was also a masterpiece of all-over-the-place what-on-earth-is-the-author-doing-here fiction which I loved. In this book the story is given to Ursula's brother Teddy, which incidentally has me wondering if there are any other bear related names that could come to the fore to make a trilogy. Teddy was a bomber pilot in the second world war and this book goes back and forth in his life from his youth to his old age bringing in the stories of his descendants too. It's less of a wild ride than Life After Life in many ways, but Atkinson still has plenty of authorial magic up her sleeve to twist things around so that you are never sure quite what is going to come next. A really interesting book, and one that could be read with or without having read Life After Life first, indeed you could read it afterwards. As always I'm left intrigued to find out what Kate Atkinson will come up with next!

This was a kindle eBook.


Tea & plants in need of planting.

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Archery IVArchery IIArchery IArchery III

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