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DucksZip Wire Miranda

Flickr Pics 31st July 2014

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ClimbingCaught in the Spider's WebSelf Made Chocolate BarA Nourishing MealMiranda & EsmeSeptember1843

Flickr Pics 30th July 2014

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Photographer at WorkPainter at WorkPainting IPainting IIPainting IIIPainting IVPainting VPainting VI

Flickr Pics 29th July 2014

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I asked my other half to help place the chest pocket on the @tillybuttons Coco top I was making and this is what he came up with. I think it’s pretty cool, my daughter thinks he’s just trying to make me look daft.

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Coco Top IICoco Top I

Flickr Pics 27th July 2014

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Waiting for Wednesday (Frieda Klein, #3)

Waiting for Wednesday (Frieda Klein, #3) by Nicci French

In books read on July 21, 2014

Third in a series which I'm guessing will stretch to seven books. I'm also presuming that a particular plot line from the first book will surface in all the books and come to a head later in the series. I think that's a good thing though this story had seemingly very little to do with that. Having given the first book three stars and the second one five stars I'll put this somewhere in the middle. I enjoyed the second half of the book a lot more than the first as it seemed to be very slow to get off the ground. I'm bemused by the fact that the central character seems to maintain a long list of friends who look out for her whilst she is generally an appalling friend to them: I was going to say that you can get away with that in fiction, but then I realised real life works that way round too sometimes.

Entertaining, I find myself quite liking most of the ongoing cast apart from Frieda, and I'll be back for the next installment, not something I'd be rushing out to recommend to anyone though.

This was a kindle eBook.

1913: The World before the Great War

1913: The World before the Great War by Charles Emmerson

In books read on July 15, 2014

It took me four months to get from end of this book to the other and I feel I could quite easily reread it straight away and get even more out of it. It filled in some gaping holes in my knowledge. Taking a different approach to many histories it stays at the same point in time, on the eve of the First World War, and goes round the world looking at the situation in many different cities. It starts off in London, goes for a jaunt across the various old cities of Europe, on to the New World cities, out to the rest of the world, stops off to look at the "Twilight Powers" cities like Constantinople and Peking, and briefly pops back to London to consider what the next hundred years will bring for the British Empire. I feel a lot of the detail probably went over my head but I still got a lot out of the book.

This was a paperback.


Hoodwinked IHoodwinked IIHolmfirth ViewTrees

Flickr Pics 15th July 2014

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Holmfirth ArtworksRock Shelter IIRock Shelter ITwo Families PanoramaTemple of Flora PanoramaSpidery TreesSilly Faces for the CameraTall TreesIn the Grotto IIIn the Grotto IKirsty & Miranda Boarding ConcordeWitches' CottagePelogonium HouseStourhead GardensSeb & Miranda Boarding ConcordeConcordeSeb on the HelicopterHelicopter RideArk Royal Flight DeckSeb & Nuclear WarheadFleet Air ArmFiddling with the Controls

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Ark RoyalNaafi Continuity ErrorModel Man with Model PlanesDinner on the Runway II

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