The Queen Of The Big Time by Adriana Trigiani

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Picked up from my pile of paperbacks that have been hanging around the house unread for years in order to have something non-Kindle to read during take-off and landing. I’ve read a couple of Trigiani’s books before, I can’t remember them so they couldn’t have been that memorable but from the looks of what I’ve got written down about them they were neither terrible nor great. This probably fits the same pattern. It’s the life story of Nella, starting out when she is a little Italian-American girl around the time of the great depression dreaming of getting to go to high school and become a teacher and following her through the twists and turns of her life that doesn’t work out how she expected it to at the start. A bit sappy and feel-good in places but I found it quite moving and not entirely what I expected in others. An enjoyable enough read though I expect I’ll forget this one before long too.

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This was a paperback.