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300 pieces

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@London2012: ‘Miranda – break that glass-ceiling and set us all free!’ – Sir Ian McKellen #OpeningCeremony

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Loving that the #OpeningCeremony is centred around Miranda :) (My Miranda has gone to sleep, and there’s another storm brewing outside.)

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Happy Days, Whitby

Flickr Pics 27th August 2012

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The puffles seem happy that progress is being made.

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Are puffles good at jigsaws?

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Isis Lake

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Miranda & Not The Rabbit But Quite Like It

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Dying In the Wool (Kate Shackleton, #1)

Dying In the Wool (Kate Shackleton, #1) by Frances Brody

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I wasn't at all sure this was going to be my kind of thing, I was expecting it to be a bit too cosy for me, but I was on holiday and wanted some light reading. And I liked Kate, thought the mystery was reasonably decent. It was enjoyable and I will be back for more.

This was a kindle eBook.


Miranda & The Rabbit

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