Private Papers

Private Papers by Margaret Forster

In books read on May 9, 2011

A good book, but didn't engage me as much as other books by the same author have done. It's basically a two hander, Rosemary is reading through her mother's diary-cum-memoir and interjecting with her own views on events as Penelope relates the story of her life and family from her own point of view. Generally I like to see a story told from two different viewpoints neither of which can be relied on too much and I'm also quite happy to read about characters I don't like or don't find sympathetic. Although I liked the switching of the narration, and I alternately liked and disliked both the narrators I ended up disliking pretty much everyone in the book and not caring what happened to any of them. Ultimately I was happy to put it down and move on.

This was a paperback.

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