Can't Let Go

Can’t Let Go by Jane Hill

In books read on February 4, 2011

I think I should probably give up on thrillers.

Oooooh, something bad is going to happen. Oh, no. It's ok, not yet.

Right, something bad is going to happen now! No, that's alright, nothing bad this time.

This time though something bad really is happening... Oooops no, not actually that bad.

Repeat for forty-odd chapters.

I may be shortchanging the book, and it did have some decent writing and some good characters. I had no trouble in believing in the characters. I just never believed anything was actually going to happen to the central character.

If you don't see the twist coming then it might be a surprise - I don't usually mind seeing the twist from a hundred pages away but this time I did as I didn't think the book had much else to offer.

So yes, it's probably just that I should give up on thrillers.

This was a kindle eBook.

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