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Deaf Sentence

Deaf Sentence by David Lodge

In books read on May 31, 2010

I always enjoy David Lodge, but never as much as I did fifteen years ago when I read all his early work.

This was a paperback.

The God of the Hive (Mary Russell, #10)

The God of the Hive (Mary Russell, #10) by Laurie R. King

In books read on May 23, 2010

I got annoyed with Amazon for cancelling my order of the US edition of this book and making me wait for the UK edition so I splashed out and bought the Kindle edition to read on my iPhone; first time I'd bought an ebook (though I've read various Project Gutenberg books on various devices over the years).

Good to have the second half of the story!

This was a kindle eBook.


Amazon Really Want To Know Why I’m Cancelling?

In rambling on on May 12, 2010

I was cancelling an order at Amazon and they asked me to tell them why, so I started to tell them why in the nice big box they gave me, and then…

found that they were only giving me ten characters (set with “maxlength=10″ in the source code) to tell them!

Doesn’t leave much to do apart from swear at them! Certainly no space for the treatise on international trade and the digital economy that I had in mind. I’d rather they didn’t ask at all.


Door Sixteen » Lily flower rain chain.

I’ve never heard of a rain chain before. What a great alternative to a boring drainpipe! Am trying to think where we could use something like this, we aren’t short on gutters that don’t work very well at our house.

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The Distance Between Us by Maggie OFarrell

In books read on May 11, 2010

It looks like I'm at a one all draw with Maggie O'Farrell. I enjoyed The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox after a slow start, but didn't get on at all well with My Lover's Lover. So it's taken me a while to pick up a third of her books.

This book is written in what I always think of as "jigsaw piece" style. Passages from the lives of the characters appear in what seems to be no particular order, time goes back and forth, places change, minor characters appear and it sometimes takes a while to figure out who they are. On the whole this is a storytelling device I enjoy and it's well used here. Underneath it's basically a love story but time and place are evoked so well that it doesn't get too cheesey. The contemporary story of two sisters is muddled up with bits of their childhood and with bits of the life story of male leading character too.

I liked the book despite finding the writing a bit over the top at times, and I liked that the story didn't explain everything in the end but didn't leave you feeling cheated by that either.

Purchased on 20th February 2010.


Carrot Cake Cupcakes

In cooking on May 10, 2010

This is turning into one of those cookalong blogs. I worried about that for a minute until I realised it was probably better that way than being one of those nothing-posted-on-it-regularly-for-about-five-years blogs.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Another recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook – this time it’s carrot cake. The recipe in the book is for an enormous single cake. I made half the quantity of cake mix and it made twelve cupcakes nicely. Halving the recipe is mildly awkward (involving 1.5 eggs) but worked fine. A single quantity of cream cheese frosting turned out to be very just slightly short of enough to ice the cakes but that might just be my lack of expertise with a piping bag showing.

Miranda was a bit surprised to find there were actual carrots in carrot cake but still licked the bowl out, raw grated carrot and all. She was also disappointed that we didn’t ice carrots on the top as they do with carrot cake in cafes. None of this stopped her wolfing the cakes down I’m glad to say.

And the cakes were fabulous and well worth wolfing down. Highly recommended.


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Flickr Pics 6th May 2010

on May 6, 2010 by kirsty

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This looks simply amazing! Pity it’s all the way over in Japan, I’d love to visit it.

Make: Online : Simulated swimming pool with room inside

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Enduring Love by Ian McEwan

In books read on May 3, 2010

In the beginning I thought this book was fabulous, fast moving, intriguing and full of interesting characters. The first chapter follows a hot air ballooning accident as if in slow motion and I loved the set up here. But then the rest of the book kept going downhill. Nothing lived up to the first chapter. In many ways the book has the same trappings as a thriller - a mad character stalking a sane character while everyone thinks the sane character is going insane - and maybe this thrillerness led me astray from a decent piece of literary fiction.

I certainly didn't hate it but I expect to finish McEwan's books feeling impressed all round rather than with a vague sense that the story was interesting but just okay and feeling like I missed the point.


A copy of this book is available on BookMooch.

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