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Climbing IIISlidingSmilingClimbing IIClimbing ITurned Out Nice Again IITurned Out Nice Again ICrashed OutEmpty House IXEmpty House VIII

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Flickr Pics 3rd July 2007

on July 3, 2007 by kirsty

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Playing with Themes

In rambling on on July 2, 2007

Just taking advantage of the fact that it’s quite easy to swizzle the look of the site around in wordpress. Of course I have to customise everything so I’m still finding I break things!

The big image at the top of the page comes from a large random selection. I’m pulling in all the photos I’ve taken that I like best.


Digging to America by Anne Tyler

In books read on July 1, 2007

I couldn't put this down. I've enjoyed Tyler before but this one really flowed and had me mesmirised. Two American families adopt Korean baby girls on the same day and keep in touch and become friends. The families are very different leading to all kinds of tensions and evolving relationships. I liked the way the most outlandish character (Bitsy Dickenson) was actually the character I ended up having the most sympathy with; larger than life but in the way that real people are.


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