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yearly book roundup

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update to last year’s book roundup post:

  • in 2005 i read 20 books i bought in 2005.
  • in 2005 i read 4 books i bought in 2004.
  • in 2005 i read 0 books i bought in 2003.
  • in 2005 i read 2 books i bought in 2002.
  • in 2005 i read 1 books i bought in 2001.
  • in 2005 i read 1 books i bought in 2000.
  • in 2005 i read 18 books i hadn’t bought at all.

i bought less books than ever in 2005, just 20 of them, and read the lot! go, me!

reading resolutions for the year before last (read books as i buy them, borrow more books) have been kept to again and last years resolution was simply to manage to keep reading and i think i kept to that pretty well. this year i’d like to read more non-fiction, though i did read quite a lot more than recently last year with 8 non-fiction reads on my list of 46 books (17%), non-fiction also suffers from not being the kind of book i log when it’s a dip-in and not a cover-to-cover kind of read..



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my booklog has been more or less up to date more or less all along. it is now spookily showing that i’ve read 470 books since the beginning of 2000, one every 4.70 days. which of course isn’t spooky at all. it just means i’ve been logging books read for 2209 days or thereabouts.

my knitting page had got horribly out of date, or at least it looked that way. it’s more or less up to date now, which didn’t take very much doing as i haven’t done that much knitting in the past year. have been busy, as you may have noticed. it’s still missing a few ‘current projects’ which are lying about in various stages of incompleteness, but i’ll get them on when i pick them up again.

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