Blood Junction by Caroline Carver

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I picked this up to read a couple of chapters in the bath. Then I found myself halfway through and the bath water was cold. I think that means that I’m finding it a pretty captivating story so far.

India Kane’s car breaks down in the outback when she’s on her way to meet her best friend. She gets a ride into a small outback town and is almost immediately arrested for the murders of both her best friend and the man who picked her up on the road.

Carver seems like a good writer so far; both the settings and the characters seem real though I’m finding the names confusing — she has at least a Jeremy, a Jerome and a Jed (who might be one of the first two) and she also switches from using first names to using surnames when you haven’t quite got the hang of them. The plot has echoes of Sara Paretsky as everything seems to tie back to corruption within the local big industry. On a first half showing this is good stuff.

Two of the criticisms I have heard about this book are that there are too many coincidences and that there are some plot believability problems. Now I’ve finished the book I can see where the plot believability concerns come from. Part of the ending of the book is a stretch of scientific credulity. I wasn’t too bothered by it, this is fiction after all, though I’d have liked a little more feasible scientific explanation to back up the story. On the coincidence count, I may have missed something but most of the possible coincidences I saw were well explained by the story.

I found the plot a bit outsize for the book (which may just be my way of dealing with the believability problems) but on the whole I found it solid and I enjoyed the book. I don’t know if Carver plans to write more books about India or if she plans to leave this as a standalone book but I plan to watch out for whatever she writes next.

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Purchased on 18th July 2001.

there are numerous applications …

there are numerous applications around on the net that you can download and allow to run while your computer isn’t doing anything else to lend your computing power to a bigger project. seti@home is the most well known example. now a way has been found to exploit the checksum procedures that form part of the tcp protocol to harness the power of computers on the net:

parasitic computing represents an ethically challenging alternative for cluster computing, as it uses resources without the consent of the computer’s owner.

the founders are still …

the founders are still milking for all it’s worth. the business might have been one of the most prominent dot com collapses but we’ve got the book and the film to come yet….

for malmsten [one of the founders], the fame he has achieved far outweighs the stigma of the collapse of boo. one person who knows him well said: ‘all he ever wanted was to meet beautiful women and go to parties. he’s got all that now.’

the search facility has …

the search facility has returned to blogger. it’s now limited to searching through only 24 hours of posts rather than everything ever like it did before (very slowly). i think this actually makes it more useful for finding right up to the minute opinions and facts. [damn, it’s gone away again already!]

annoying survey of the day

: women admit to regualr lies. mainly it annoys me by not showing any male stats to compare the female ones too. i know ‘that’s life’ magazine is hardly a scientific journal but i still think a little balance would be helpful.

neat marketing trick of the day

. last week i was looking for places to buy alcohol online. what i was actually after was obscure brands of spirits, or just cheaper prices on regular spirits. mainly i just found lots of wine, which wasn’t what i was after. one place i went to was virgin wines, and i must have filled my email address in somewhere (probably in the ‘win some wine’ box that pops up when you enter the site). today they sent me an email ‘you didn’t buy anything, would a £20 voucher help?’. hmmm, it might…. i’m picking my sauvignon blancs out now….

i think i’m being …

i think i’m being chased by sircam. i go to wales for a weekend and then i get a stack of welsh language files from sircam victims in my email. weird.