Suspicion by Barbara Rogan

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ghost stories aren’t my scene at all but darren told me i’d like the scenery in this one and i did, in addition to liking the supernatural stuff too. the setting was a beach house on long island, new york, and it sounds absolutely gorgeous, apart from the ghosts in the attic of course.

i’ve heard people complain about books written in the present tense before but i didn’t think i’d ever read one. well, i didn’t notice that this one was either so it’s obviously not a device that grates with me. if anything it added to the story by making you feel closer to the action.

no other rogan books appear to be in print in the uk or the us. i’d say that was a pity on the evidence of this one.

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Iced by Jenny Siler

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this book from the beach is set in manitoba at a constant temperature of about 20 below; i presume that’s fahrenheit but whatever units it’s in i’d class it as pretty damned cold. i loved siler’s first book easy money and i don’t think this one was quite as good as that first effort. the story isn’t as multi faceted and the narrator is more reliable and the overall experience wasn’t as engaging or as mind twisting. it was still an interesting book but i found it a bit of a disappointment.

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Purchased on 18th June 2001.

crunchland’s site of pencam …

crunchland’s site of pencam pictures is one of my favourite discoveries from photographica; i love taking photo’s of weird geometric type things, little bits of stuff that’s almost out of context, crunchland does it much better than me.

p h o t …

p h o t o g r a p h i c a . o r g is one of my fave places on the web at the moment; cool pictures that make you itchy to get out with a camera and take some too.

my other currently fave place for wasting time is metafilter for interesting news and comments, and somewhere i wish i had the time to join in too.

i just learnt a …

i just learnt a new term:

fram spam from friends. those email jokes, chain letters, stories etc that you get as one of the host of people on a cc:ed list containing all the people in your friend’s address book. i usually find fram’s characterised by a thousand lines of “>”‘s and the most interesting bit is tracing back the friend-of-a-friends who’ve propogated this stuff to start with. in my friends defence i haven’t had to mail anyone a link to in absolutely ages, i used to do that about twice a week in an effort to educate and inform, perhaps i succeeded just a little. perhaps i’ve just got less friends now.

what the font Ever …

what the font

Ever wanted to have a font just like the one used by certain
publications, corporations, or ad campaigns? Well now you can, using the
WhatTheFont font recognition system. Upload a scanned image of the font
and we’ll show you the closest matches in our database!

wow! clever! i’m impressed with this utility. you can also use it in the situation where you’re trying to remember what font it was you drew a graphic with which is useful if you’re the sort of person who has to search through every font on their machine looking for a match to draw a complementary graphic. i’ve got lots of fonts on my machines. unfortunately whatthefont doesn’t seem to have all the ones that i have. but that’s the only drawback i’ve found.

why isn’t outcome the …

why isn’t outcome the inverse of income? it should be, if only because i’m constantly trying to use it as such. the accounts are close to done, yay!

Shades of Murder by Ann Granger

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ann granger is one of my faves and the only reason i haven’t read this already is that i’d just about forgotten i had it. so far the intertwining of the present day happenings with events of 1889 is making it an interesting read; it remains to be seen whether this is merely a device for an author to write less about her main characters whilst keeping with the series or whether it’ll elevate the series to a new level…

having finished it i don’t think either of those were the case; meredith and markby did seem fresher in this book and the plot was interesting but the major thing that this book had going for it was the close connections between the two cases taking part 110 years apart that made it seem less back and forth than may otherwise have been the case.

More information about this book can be found on goodreads.
Purchased on 14th April 2001.