this is terribly geeky …

this is terribly geeky i know, but this is my cool function of the day, the week, the month at least. it’s just saved my life. metaphorically. it’s at least saved me a large headache.

cables. me and …

cables. me and cables are not the best of friends at present. this is my new printer. damned snazzy looking if you ask me. and i can only tell you how it looks because they didn’t give me a cable to connect it to the computer with. i know it’s parallel port and usb compatible. i noticed that when i read the box in the shop. i know i only want to use one of those cables. i know i don’t much want to pay for the one i don’t use. but they could have written on the outside of the box that i needed to buy a cable to go along with it. or pc world could have trained their staff to ask these questions. no, that’s hoping a bit much, but a note on the box would’ve been ever so nice.

and i did read the box in the shop. i was looking to see if there were any free paper samples in the box to save me from having to make a stab in the dark from the bewildering selection of inkjet papers in stock. it didn’t tell me that either. so i made a stab in the dark. and there were samples in the box. is listing contents so hard?

taking a very broad …

taking a very broad view of it there are two types of competition out there.

the lesser seen competition is usually run by small special interest groups, the prizes aren’t things that would interest the general public, and the usual idea is to reward members or subscribers and generally engender community spirit .

the much more common greater seen competition is a blatant promotion tool and the prizes appeal to a wide section of the public, from freebie tshirts and mousemats up to holidays and cars. the usual idea is to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. that’s the whole point. promotion. brand awareness. getting people to buy your products. getting eyeballs to your website. persuading people why you’re better than the competition.

at loquax we tend to avoid listing the lesser seen competition as it’s not a promotion tool. we list the greater seen competition by the thousand. we send thousands of people to these websites each day. among our users there is indeed a miniscule minority who aren’t interested in anything but the comps. most of our users are. they might go to a site just to enter a comp the first time, but next time they’re looking to purchase what you sell or find the info you’re providing they know about you and they come back. that’s the whole bloody reason you put a competition on your website. to attract users. to start the process of turning the casual browser into the serious customer.

some people just don’t get this.

Flashpoint by Linda Barnes

Cover of

yay, carlotta’s back :-)

i enjoyed this loads but i’m not sure how much of it was just ‘meeting up with an old friend’ syndrome. carlotta’s the same as ever, paolina’s growing up, roz never will grow up. the plot has all the not quite realistic tying together of unrelated threads that i’ve learnt to expect from linda barnes. but i didn’t realise that til the end, and that’s the idea after all. i know she does it but it fools me anew each time.

More information about this book can be found on goodreads.
Purchased on 5th March 2001.

i’ve found a new …

i’ve found a new excuse for a party. i’ll turn a gigasecond old on monday, december 15, 2003 at 1208. that’s 109 seconds old. my binary gigasecond birthday is on sunday, april 16, 2006 at 2359. that’s 230 seconds old. work out when your gigasecond birthday is.

i came across this …

i came across this book at amazon whilst searching for something completely unrelated (well i was searching for something to do with computers but that’s about all the book has in common with my search objective). 50 urgent things you need to do before the millennium : protect yourself, your family, and your finances from the upcoming computer crisis! as we now know that the turn of the “millennium” (the real turn of the millennium rolled us into 2001 – i will not be swayed on that) caused very few computer problems i’m wondering what state yourself, your family and your finances would be in if you had taken the advice of this book. not wondering hard enough to shell out $10 to find out though. i’m also wondering why they are still selling this book; i suppose the answer to that question is that i’m not the only one wondering.

why are computer connections …

why are computer connections so proprietary? the bits at the back of the computer are standard, parallel ports, usb ports and the like. why are the bits at the other end all different? why won’t a cable that fits an olympus digital camera connect to a fujifilm one? how the hell do i replace a fujifilm camera’s usb cable when fujifilm don’t even sell it as an accessory? there are other ways to get the pics of the smart media cards onto the computer but the cable’s the easiest way. i just want to buy another one and i can’t and i’m frustrated and i want to look at my pictures.

today’s pet office hate …

today’s pet office hate is slammy bangy people. i hate slammy bangy things anyway. ok, i know sometimes that slamming things is the only solution to frustration. i more than know it i’ve got framed gold certificates and merit stars from the school of taking it out on inanimate objects. but banging your desk and rattling half the office just coz your code doesn’t compile is not acceptable behaviour. it’s software dear boys, it doesn’t work first time, it never will, and when you slam your fists into inanimate objects you jangle the nerves of this animate object. keep the banging to yourself will you? please.

did i say wap …

did i say wap was good? well it was until i tried to write my own site. the xml format of wml is simple to suss out. what’s not so easy is to figure out how the hell to get the site to work. my web server is properly configured, i didn’t do it so it’s probably been done properly. but when i try to access the site from my wap phone it tells me that there’s no reply. it seems like something odd is up with orange’s wap gateway though. that ‘no reply’ request leaves a perfectly valid request in my web server’s access log from the host the mime type of the page is correctly set to text/vnd.wap.wml. therefore everything looks ok from the server end. so what’s going on? there was a reply, so why doesn’t my phone get the page? early adopter gremlins in the system, something i’ve done wrong or orange arsing things up to make you stick to their nice proprietary portal pages? despite knowing it’s probably one of the first two options i can’t help wondering about the third.