the bad news is …

the bad news is that sega are stopping production of the dreamcast; the good news is that sega are planning to make software for other games platforms after they dispose with the hardware business. hopefully this will mean that my long time buddy sonic the hedgehog will still get to entertain me from time to time. i also hope it means that all the dreamcast games and accessories get sold off cheap 😉

multimap now includes aerial …

multimap now includes aerial photos of some of the uk as well as street and ordnance survey maps. they only have pictures of selected areas. the tyne and wear pictures date from november 1996 which means I was living in the middle of this picture when it was taken, having just moved from here. i later moved to another terrace and then bought a house that was built in the middle of this field. when i was a student in london i lived in two flats on the south side of this tree filled square and also in halls on the south side of this tree filled square. you can tell the london photos were taken in summer, newcastle isn’t really that much grimmer!

woo! new palms! …

woo! new palms! very nice – faster, smaller, coloured, lighter, with more memory and even with memory expansion slots. i do hope these reports are true or at least approximate what palm have up their sleeves.

Stone Quarry by SJ Rozan

Cover of

the latest in the lydia chin and bill smith series is out in paperback; one of those books i just couldn’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on.

rozan’s come up trumps again with another great book, the third narrated by bill. i’m glad i wasn’t disappointed. not only does she write very finely, drawing you into both the scenery and the characters, but her plots stand up to analysis and all coincidence is accounted for. this book leaves the new york city setting of the previous five books and moves to bill smith’s cabin in upstate new york where they’ve never seen anything quite like lydia. i was worried i’d miss manhattan and chinatown, but of course i didn’t, and now i can barely wait to get into reading the next in the series, the hong kong set and lydia narrated reflecting the sky

More information about this book can be found on goodreads.
Purchased on 10th January 2001.

annoying puzzley thingy of …

annoying puzzley thingy of the day complete with dodgy graphics: join all nine of the dots up with four straight lines, without taking your pen off the paper.

[click to see my answer; it took me hours to work out!]

i’m ashamed to admit …

i’m ashamed to admit that i’ve become so reliant on the mobile phone that a few weeks ago i completely neglected to make a phone call when i should have done because i didn’t have my mobile and i’d forgotten about the existence of public phones. perhaps someday i won’t even have that choice: phone boxes are apparently on their way out in the uk; not quite killed off yet by the mobile phone, but certainly ailing.

i discovered a while …

i discovered a while ago, much to my surprise, that dominoes is a really fun game and not one that should be relegated to old men in smoky pubs. the fact that there were sets of dominoes that went up to double nine surprised me; now i discover that you can get domino sets that go up to double eighteen, that’s 190 dominoes in a set!

the site also has the rules for many domino games, including threes and fives that my nanna taught me to play at christmas.