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Don’t Mess with Mrs In Between by Liz Evans

In books read on June 30, 2000

The third installment of Essex PI Grace Smith has this series gearing up to become one of my faves too. Genuinely funny writing and a protagonist I'd actually like to be mates with which makes a change. The second book this year (2000) to keep me up all night...

(this is book 3 in the grace smith series)

Purchased on 26th May 2000.


A Cold Day In Paradise by Steve Hamilton

In books read on June 22, 2000

These are my comments from an email book group discussion. They seem out of context because that's exactly where they are...

(On all detectives having upsetting pasts) I think books need to be about interesting people, and it's possible that people with "upsetting pasts" are, all other things being equal, more interesting to us as readers than those without. That said, off the top of my head I can only think of Matt Scudder that fits the description. Who else is there?

(On Alex's emotional baggage) I get the impression that before the book opened he had more or less dealt with the situation by running away to the cabin, by burying the past, he'd forgotten all about it. The guilt wasn't part of his day to day life any longer.

Seeing a dead body (and a rather gruesomely executed one at that) and getting involved in a murder case has brought the buried past to life for him in the present day. Added to that is that the murderer of his partner seems to be involved in this series of murders too. That's pretty frightening stuff to come up against so long after the first event.

I don't think that he should blame himself for the past, I can't see how he or Franklin could have done anything different. But I can see that he would blame himself, wouldn't anybody wonder if they had just done something slightly different that day then perhaps everything would have turned out different? (I'll stop that train of thought before I drift into chaos theory and bore you all to death...)

I think "running away" was a reasonable thing to do. It didn't sound like he had much going for him in Detroit, his job was kaputt, his wife had left him; I think going and living in his fathers cabin in (not quite) the middle of nowehere was a fair response to the situation. It seemed to have worked out fairly well up until now.

I don't really think he needs any "help". He's certainly got problems but I don't think they are insurmountable or long lasting. I think once this case is over he'll be ok again, and probably better off than before since I hope some of his demons, to do with Rose, will be exorcised by the end of the book.

I like him so far, he seems like a decent man and he didn't exactly ask to get tangled up in the situation he's in.

The murders had better have something to do with Rose else I'm going to be mightily annoyed at the amount of flashbacks to the Rose case that we're getting! I don't think Alex is obsessed, just upset and scared by the connections to his shooting.

I think it's a setup of some kind, but I can't figure out who would know enough to do so as Alex doesn't think he's told anyone. Maybe he's been talking in his sleep to Sylvia. That seems like a reasonable guess to me, and she's nasty enough that i don't mind her murdering people.

(On how I would catch the killer)
Oh, set up a trap with me as the bait, lure the killer in to it, then get them to confess all by professing to know exactly what happened when I don't. No, perhaps not. I'll gather everybody within a hundred mile radius into my cabin and recreate the crime - the murderer will be so upset by the errors I make that they'll have to pipe up to correct me and then I'll have them. No, can't see that working either! Damn, it's back to detective school for me I'm going to get myself killed at this rate.

(On sense of place) From the snowy pic on the cover I thought the book was going to be nice and cool and an escape from the summer sun, but I haven't really got any sense of place or chilliness from the book. Apart from the log cabins, which sound rather pleasant, I haven't got an image of any of the outside places in my head.

Purchased on 13th April 2000.


Liberty Falling by Nevada Barr

In books read on June 22, 2000

Another of my favourites who didn't disappoint me, especially as I've actually been to the location it's set in for a change. Not the best of the series for the mystery plot but I thought the personal side of the plot in this was the best yet.

Purchased on 13th April 2000.


Hard Time by Sara Paretsky

In books read on June 21, 2000

I know loads of people can't stand VI but I love her and I'm glad to see her back. I was disappointed by the first half of the book but the second half was very intense and the only book so far this year (2000) to keep me up all night when I really really needed to be sleeping.

Purchased on 22nd May 2000.

No Colder Place by SJ Rozan

In books read on June 10, 2000

Purchased on 13th April 2000.


The Monkeys Raincoat by Robert Crais

In books read on June 8, 2000

Disappointing after LA Requiem. Took me a long time to get into. I think I'm going to dispense with chronology and skip onto the later books. I'm glad I didn't start with this one.

(this is book 1 in the elvis cole series)

Purchased on 11th April 2000.

A Midsummer Night’s Death by KM Peyton

In books read on June 7, 2000

Purchased on 23rd May 2000.

Strange Fits of Passion by Anita Shreve

In books read on June 3, 2000

Purchased on 22nd May 2000.

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