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A Dirty Death by Rebecca Tope

In books read on February 29, 2000

This is the author's first book but if I hadn't have known it then I wouldn't have guessed it. Good characters and a solid plotline with hardly any slow moments. Another English farm that's firmly in the nineties (or could be the naughties even) with the almost universally disliked farmer drowning in his own slurry pit. Another author on my lookout list.

Purchased on 15th December 1999.


Stray Kat Waltz by Karen Kijewski

In books read on February 20, 2000

I've been saving this one up for a treat; that probably accounts for why I was a little disappointed in it. Good beginning and a fair ending but a bit lacking in the way of juicy filling in the middle. It was too easy to figure out the plot and if it hadn't have been that I adore Kat I'd have chucked it out. Not as many stars as I wanted to give it.

Purchased on 15th November 1999.

Missing Susan by Sharyn McCrumb

In books read on February 10, 2000

I was disappointed in the previous "Elizabeth MacPherson" book by the almost complete lack of mystery. To be honest there isn't a great deal of mystery about this one either but I found it pretty enjoyable. A tour guide accepts a contract to kill one of his tour members - the intended victim turns out to be a worthy contender for "world's most annoying woman" and you end up wondering how anyone could avoid killing her!

Purchased on 27th January 2000.

In The Beginning Was The Command Line by Neal Stephenson

In books read on February 7, 2000

Purchased on 6th February 2000.


Beneath These Stones by Ann Granger

In books read on February 6, 2000

I thought I'd caught up to date on the "Mitchell & Markby" mysteries a couple of months ago but she keeps writing more! This is the 13th of these modern "English village" mysteries and they just get better. Realistic characters and believable plotlines. I couldn't ask for more.

Purchased on 29th January 2000.


M is for Malice by Sue Grafton

In books read on February 6, 2000

Purchased on 29th January 2000.

A copy of this book is available on BookMooch.

A Fall in Denver by Sarah Andrews

In books read on February 3, 2000

This is the 2nd in the Em Hansen series. I think I enjoyed the 1st "Tensleep" more as this one took a while to get going. Em is a geologist, in the 1st book she is working on a site in Wyoming but in this one she's moved to an office in Denver (surprise...) and people start falling out of windows. Well plotted and although sometimes Em seems like a different character to the one in the 1st book I'm looking forward to meeting her in the rest of the series. I also like the bits the author writes at the end about her own experiences as a geologist and which scenes from the book are lifted from reality.

Purchased on 15th December 1999.


Stronger Than Death by Manda Scott

In books read on February 2, 2000

This is the 3rd Kellen Stewart mystery and it's the best yet. My favourite read of the month. Kellen is a doctor in Glasgow and her best friend Lee is a pathologist so there's a fair bit of gory medical stuff here. Lee's colleagues start dying one after the other and Lee must either be next in line ... or a murderer. I'm slightly worried for Kellen as in each book we seem to lose more of her friends and lovers, soon there will be no one left to get killed in the next book! That's always a problem with non professional sleuths though and apart from that I'm looking forward to seeing plenty more of Kellen.

Purchased on 7th January 2000.

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